Tucson Port Authority

office (520) 594-6410
fax (520) 624-2869

About Tucson Port Authority

At Tucson Port Authority, we provide opportunities in warehousing for the Copper industry in the Southwest.


 Tucson Port Authority is strategically located within Century Park Research Center Southeast of Tucson, Arizona.  Also located within Century Park is the Port of Tucson which provides rail services to Tucson Port Authority.

Tucson Port Authority-Local mapRegional Location Map


Truck Transportation

Shipping and Receiving by truck benefits from the best access to interstate truck traffic in Arizona.  Tucson Port Authority's location 1.5 miles North of interstate 10 via 4 lane divided highway allows for convenient and efficient logistics.

Aerial Map


Rail Transportation

With 6 day a week rail service through the Port of Tucson, Tucson Port Authority is the link between truck and rail shipments in the southwest.  Direct dock access to rail from the warehouse allows us to expedite the loading and unloading of shipments by rail.

Copper Rail Transportation